Samsung SL-C460FW Driver Download

Samsung SL-C460FW Driver Download

Samsung SL-C460FW Driver Download

Reviews– The grayish and dark case has a perfect foot shaped impression, spoilt marginally by the need to broaden the paper plate at the base and the yield gallery most of the way up. The plate takes just 150 sheets, too, which is somewhat low for a machine went for the little or home office.

At the top is a 40-sheet Automatic Document Feeder (ADF), so you can output or duplicate multipage archives in one operation, however neither scanner nor printer offers duplex operation. There’s no different food for envelopes or unique media, either.

The control board runs the vast majority of the width of the machine and is well laid out, with a 2-line by 16-character mono LCD show, a number cushion for fax dialing and expansive, evident capacity catches for mono and shading duplicates. There are additionally catches for unique capacities, for example, fast WPS remote association and ID duplicate which empowers a duplicate of both sides of the card on one sheet of paper.

The product group incorporates OCR programming for the scanner and AnyWeb Print, a valuable clipboard which appends to your Browser – IE, Firefox or Safari, yet strangely not Chrome – and empowers you to clasp pictures and content from pages to scrapbook your own reference material.

The four toner cartridges space in one over the other, behind the intro page, so support is a doddle. Notwithstanding when you need to supplant the waste toner jug or drum unit, they all slide out from the front, making the procedure simple.

Samsung rates the pace of the SL-C460FW Xpress at 18ppm for mono and 4ppm for shading. The much lower shading velocity is on account of it has a solitary drum and the page picture is developed shading by shading before printing.

Under test, we saw a top mono print rate of 13.3ppm from our 20-page test, which is more than seventy five percent of the asserted rate, however the 5-page record gave 7.5ppm. It takes 20s or more for the printer to begin nourishing the principal sheet.

The content and shading representation test gave 2.9ppm for our 5-page test, which is around the same extent of the spec speed. This is truly very moderate, contrasted and other shading lasers in the same value range and with inkjets, which can without much of a stretch achieve twofold this pace.

A 5-page duplicate from the ADF took a fast 31 seconds and a 15 x 10cm photograph took 38s from a PC. A Samsung Galaxy SIII cell phone, associated effortlessly utilizing NFC through a tap on the highest point of the printer’s ADF, beat that, at only 30s.

Samsung SL-C460FW Driver Download

This driver support available system:
  • Windows XP or Later
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows Seven
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8.1
  • Mac Os X
  • Linux
The Following Printer Driver Installation Steps:
  1. Turn on the computer or laptop, or notebook computer detects the new device, there is not yet known, marked the emergence of a picture that says welcome to the found new hardware wizard. There will be no options, click on the Yes, this time only and then the next
  2. Select Install the software automatically (Recommended)
  3. Before you click next insert the driver CD. After inserting the CD and click next image will appear that says please select the best match for your hadware from the list below.
  4. Select the printer type and click next
  5. After that will appear completing the picture with the words found new hadware wizard.
  6. Click on the finish. Then the installation process and once completed will appear congratulasion picture!
  7. Select a calibration page and print a test page to test print then click finish
  8. After restarting your computer printer test.


For details, type of drivers available for download, you can immediately see linked in the table below:

Samsung SL-C460FW Driver Download

Samsung SL-C460FW Driver Download Win Xp, WinVista, Win Seven, Win 8, Win 8.1, Windows 10
Samsung SL-C460FW Driver Download for Mac Os X
Samsung SL-C460FW Driver Download for Linux
Samsung SL-C460FW Driver Download Scanner
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